Churchill USA Trip – Week 1

I count my departure from Sunday 13th May when I left home near Cambridge. Since I was flying from Gatwick at mid-day it made sense to stay at the Bloc Hotel in the terminal. It did feel a bit weird being in a terminal and not rushing for a flight on the Sunday, but it was really great to be able to check-in with little fuss on Monday 14th May.

My first experience of crossing a number of timezones to the West resulted in my leaving London at noon and arriving in Toronto at 3pm on the same day. Yes, Toronto … the travel agent said it was really easy to cross from Toronto to Niagara Falls, NY, far easier than travelling from Buffalo. Well that was not true at all. The journey was expensive but interesting as I got to compare the two sides of the border which are surprisingly different for being so close to one another; I also entered the US at a little town called Lewiston which was interesting in itself. I reached my friends’ home in Niagara Falls in time for dinner.

The Gallery on the right shows some of the wonderful break I had visiting with my friends and getting my body into the new time zone, whilst discovering quarters, half-and-half milk and lots of other strange things.

On Friday 18th May, I flew from Buffalo (less than an hour down the road – just saying) to Denver to prepare for my first visits to social enterprises. You’ll have to wait till I update you with my multiple cities and visits in week 2!