Goodwill Denver in Context of 100 years

Brief history

Goodwill LogoThis fantastic mural was created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary in May 2018. The pictures have the following information beneath them in the reception of Goodwill Industries of Denver. It is a quick summary history of this member organisation of the larger and older Goodwill Industries network, which is served and supported by Goodwill Industries International. All Goodwill organisations have permission to use the smiley face/G logo.

Goodwill Denver is the first stop on my Goodwill visits and this is the first post about that visit and about the Goodwill network in general.

1918 The Legacy Begins

Methodist Deaconess Melissa Briggs establishes the Denver chapter of Goodwill, collecting donations for people in need.

1930s The Great Depression

Goodwill’s first retail store opens to supply clothing and goods to local families with limited means.

1940s Increasing Opportunities

The mission expands to include work study, sports, and food programs for at-risk youth in Denver neighbourhoods.

1950s Caring for the Community

Goodwill starts the first vocational training and rehabilitation program for veterans and people with disabilities in Colorado.

1960s The Decade of Equality

Goodwill develops programming to serve people with psychological, sociological, and occupational disabilities.

1970s A Nation of Inflation

Retail operations thrive amid uncertain government funding; the social enterprise continues to grow.

1980s The Personal Computing Era

Goodwill begins a computer skills training program for individuals with disadvantages or disabilities.

1990s Economic Boom

Goodwill supports welfare-to-work programs to help reduce the cycle of poverty and encourage self-sufficiency.

2000s The New Millenium

Targeting the next generation of workers. Goodwill expands its youth career development programming.

2010s Embedded in the Community

Goodwill increases its impact with a focus on business partnerships, retail growth and mission development.

2018 The Legacy Continues

Donors,shoppers, program participants, and employees embody Goodwill’s mission and will usher in the next century of changing lives.

Further updates pending

New posts will cover interviews with various staff members and more details about Goodwill Denver works.

See the Goodwill Denver website for more information too.


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